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Sales and Special Notice:

Oil and Gas Leasing for Arkansas Riverbed Tribal Minerals is governed by 25 CFR/part-211:    ARKANSAS RIVERBED AUTHORITY WITH THE APPROVAL OF THE REGIONAL DIRECTOR WILL NOW OFFER a paid-up lease for riverbed properties with a minimum bond set by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).  Also they have asked that all Future oil and gas lease sales will contain the following information: “Arkansas Riverbed Leases will require a minimum bond set by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in accordance with 25 CFR § 211.24.  Tracts will be offered for a term of 3 years with a 3/16 rate of royalty and a bonus equal to the highest bonus paid in the 9-section area or a lease for a term of 2 years with a 25% rate of royalty and no bonus”.  The secondary term will trigger an increase in the bond amount as set forth by the Secretary."  


In order to lease a property an interested entity requests that a particular tract be included in the next scheduled oil and gas lease sale. Federal regulation requires that a publication be made of theAvailable Tracts and that bids are accepted. The BIA handles several sales annually. The BIA publishes by mailing a listing of the available tracts to a list of companies interested in these sorts of offerings. Please contact us at crobertson3@cox.net. If you wish to nominate a tract, or to request that your company be added to the list receiving notifications.  


The Arkansas Riverbed Authority, has recently completed a full inspection of all their Riverbed Tracts. It was noted that a few Operator's have drilled gas well's in section's that includes the River Bed Properties. Those wells are spaced for 640 acres or less, and the Nation's Mineral Interest is not leased. The Nation's considered those unleased properties to be in Trespass. If you are an Operator, who has failed to obtain a vaild oil and gas lease on the Nation's Minerals Interest, you should contact crobertson3@cox.net. This office has already contacted, several of those Operators, you should consider reviewing Shearn v. Ward Petroleum very carefully.   Operators and Purchasers do you need help in reporting to Mineral Management Services, use this links for help http://www.mrm.boemre.gov/FM/default.htm



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You can view a map that shows the Arkansas Riverbed tracts available for lease for mineral exploration. It also show those tracts held by production.

Arkansas Riverbed Leased Area Map


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