The Arkansas Riverbed Authority is an entity created jointly by the Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Cherokee Nations to administer the tribally owned stretch of the Arkansas River between Muskogee, Oklahoma, and Ft. Smith, Arkansas.






The purpose of the Arkansas Riverbed Authority ... shall be to further Indian participation in the management of tribal interests in and to the Arkansas River, assist in the education and understanding of all people regarding such tribal interests, and further inter-tribal unity in the areas of resource development. The authority shall have no power to encumber or alienate tribal properties.




Article One, Bylaws of the Arkansas Riverbed Authority




The Arkansas Riverbed Authority (ARA) is governed by a six-member Board of Directors constituted by the Chief Executive of each member Tribe and his appointee. It is administered by an Executive Director.


The Board of Directors meets quarterly, normally during  Inter-tribal meetings. The member tribes take turns hosting these quarterly events, sometimes at tribally owned hotels or casinos.  










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